About us

HARTING in India was set up in April 2005. Its India operations with a full fledged office headquartered in Chennai, India came up in Oct 2005. The company is registered under Indian Companies Act. In addition to Chennai Headquarter, HARTING India now has sales offices located in Bengaluru, Pune, Delhi and along with sales contact in Hyderabad (Balaji : 7338844276), Mumbai (Amit Kumar :7338844298)
 , Vadodara (Mayur Shah: 7338844303) ,Kolkata (Bikram Mandal 7338834080).

These offices have been set up with a view to expand its base in the domestic market and make available to the Indian consumers the very best in electrical and electronic accessories. Operations in India are headed by Mr. Girish Rao, Chief Executive Officer, HARTING India.

HARTING India seeks to enhance the country's Industrial capability and competitiveness to become a Global Player in terms of Technology and Markets by providing the latest technology and innovative Interconnection solutions. With its vast experience and global reach HARTING will be the most preferred partner for Interconnection solutions in India in the field of Factory Automation, Machinery, Energy, Transportation and Event Management Technology, Infrastructure, Medical technology. HARTING India is an associate member of Indo German Chamber of Commerce.

Head Office


Phone : +91 (44) 43560415 and 43456262
Fax : +91 (44) 43560417

HARTING India Pvt Ltd
7th Floor (West Wing), Central Square II Unit No.B-19 Part, B 20&21, TVK Industrial Estate
600 032 Chennai
Guindy, India
For Sales Enquiries Contact :
Mr. Balaji Sundaramurthy (RSM - South India) : 7338844276
Email : balaji.sundaramurthy@HARTING.com